The annual worldwide get together for the world’s best and most weird, once again lived up to it’s tradition. Despite changes to permissible guerrilla marketing techniques and constrained food truck corrals, somehow everyone still finds a way to make the most precious part of the experience a reality….the serendipitous meeting of incredible like minded people.

Only here can you message a total stranger through Highlight, and end up being invited by him to dinner with the guy who first used hashtags in twitter….seeing first hand they are solid down to earth people who are wanting to change things for the better in big ways. Meeting new people and going in deep in sessions was simply a blast.

Some of the best things about SXSW I learned are below.

  • Random – Do not be afraid to contact people who sound interesting via Highlight, Vine, Bonfyre, Banjo, or other channels…never know where that may take you
  • Speakers – Select the sessions you want to attend based on the speakers, not necessarily the topic. Then go meet them afterwards to begin real conversations which can last far past SXSW.
  • Beer – Go out with friends you don’t see often…a beer under the sun on 6th street is an awesome opportunity for impromptu class reunions.
  • Distill – Take time to distill the immense amount of insight you gleaned from the conference immediately afterwards, before returning to your world

Lastly, contact those who you met that are new to your network and establish bonding relationships beyond SXSW…then go change the world together!

I wanted to embrace the soul of SXSW and I am happy that once again I did. Thank You to many fantastic new friends this year! To Dale, Tara, Chris, Brynn, Jason, Julie, and more… Till next time!