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How to Successfully Scale Podcast

Podcast Ep 045: How to Successfully Scale with Christopher Beltran by Grant Merriel Podcast Overview We all love a growing business. It means that we are getting more clients and earning more profit. But as the demand for your products and services grow, your current small team might not be able to keep up. Hence, [...]

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Beautiful Guatemala Medical/Dental Trip

Recently I was invited by my one sister, Stacy, to a medical/dental mission trip in Guatemala.  Neither of us had ever done such a trip and she had always wanted to.  So we headed down and had an incredible experience extracting teeth, providing medical assistance to those in need, and listening and learning about the [...]

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Truly Remarkable Joel Robuchon Restaurant

Passion can be found in business, software, and even food as I recently discovered… Remarkable. It’s the one word I use when I experience something that is truly worth “writing home about”. That word is appropriate to describe a recent restaurant experience I had in Las Vegas. I watch the Food Network often and had [...]

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Software Distribution Friction

Many of the things I think about when considering new software systems revolve around a central concept of connecting the value software provides as close as possible to the user consuming the value. In my opinion, anything that stands between the code executing and the user enjoying the results of that execution is “friction”. There [...]

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Moments before SXSW 2013

Early morning rise in Austin, Texas preparing for another great year at SXSW. I am always so fascinated by the sheer volume of eccentric, smart, and daring nature of the people who come each year. Despite it”s size and mainstream-bound attention, the conference still has a soul of it”s own that speaks to the many [...]

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SXSW 2013 Success and Recap

The annual worldwide get together for the world’s best and most weird, once again lived up to it’s tradition. Despite changes to permissible guerrilla marketing techniques and constrained food truck corrals, somehow everyone still finds a way to make the most precious part of the experience a reality….the serendipitous meeting of incredible like minded people. [...]

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