Podcast Ep 045: How to Successfully Scale with Christopher Beltran
by Grant Merriel

Podcast Overview
We all love a growing business. It means that we are getting more clients and earning more profit.
But as the demand for your products and services grow, your current small team might not be able to keep up. Hence, you also need to hire more people.
If this is your first time to scale your business departments, it might be a bit tricky and expensive – especially if you do scaling wrong.

But this can be avoided. Whether you want to scale your sales, marketing, operations or administrative department, you can scale smoothly if you plan ahead.

That’s why we have invited Christopher Beltran, a serial entrepreneur, to teach us on how to scale successfully.

Chris is also an advisor on a number of boards and he is also a public speaker at TedX events and other organisations. So we can really learn a lot from him.